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This is a Good Food for People with Vertigo

Apart from taking drugs, there are some foods that are good for vertigo sufferers. Some of these foods are considered able to overcome and relieve the symptoms of vertigo that you experience. Vertigo is a head spinning sensation that can affect the balance of the body. Vertigo can be caused due to decreased blood pressure, dehydration, ear disorders, sudden changes in position, and disorders of the central nervous system. 4 Types of Food for People with Vertigo There are several foods that are believed to help relieve vertigo, including: 1. Ginger To relieve vertigo, you can consume ginger tea or foods that contain ginger. Ginger has long been believed to help relieve various diseases, one of which relieve dizziness due to vertigo. 2. Spinach Spinach is a vegetable that is rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E plays a role in maintaining the elasticity of blood vessels and helps improve blood circulation, so it is useful in helping relieve dizziness due to vertigo. 3. Egg yolk Lack
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Understanding the Importance of Fluid Resuscitation in Emergency Conditions

Fluid resuscitation is the process of replacing body fluids, when the patient is in critical condition and loses too much fluid, both in the form of water and blood. The process of fluid resuscitation is done by placing intravenous fluids. The body needs fluids to function properly. Excessive fluid loss, in a state of dehydration or bleeding, can interfere with various processes in the body. In later stages, this condition can cause shock and organ failure. Fluid resuscitation is needed to restore bodily functions and prevent worsening of the patient's condition. When is fluid resuscitation needed? Fluid resuscitation is given if hypovolemia is found, ie lack of blood volume or fluid in a blood vessel. Some of the signs are low blood pressure, rapid pulse and breathing, and body temperature rising or falling. Circumstances that can cause this hypovolemia condition include bleeding, diarrhea or vomiting which causes dehydration, sepsis, and burns. Types of resuscitation fluid

Pregnant Women, Recognize Conditions That Must Be Immediately Checked by a Doctor

The condition of every pregnant woman may be different. In fact, the conditions experienced in every pregnancy are not necessarily the same. However, recognizing conditions that are considered dangerous is certainly very important. This is necessary so that pregnant women can immediately get treatment if needed. There are various conditions that pregnant women may experience, such as nausea, vomiting or morning sickness, to feel tired easily. Although it feels disturbing, but within certain limits these conditions are actually still reasonable. Come on, recognize the conditions that are more serious and need to be checked immediately. Pregnancy Conditions to Look Out for Be aware of various conditions or complaints that may be experienced in pregnancy, does not mean pregnant women should feel anxious. Precisely pregnant women must remain calm. Then, go to the hospital or ask someone else to take your pregnant woman to the doctor, if you experience conditions like the following: